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"Mirus" - Latin for "Full of Wonder"

   Though Mirus Academy is a classical Christian school, it is its philosophy of education that truly makes it unique even within the classical education field. 


   Mirus Academy realizes that a student is only truly educated when he is made aware of the finite knowledge he has is but a speck when contrasted to the world of unknown wonder.  Blaise Pascal said this wonderfully, "The sciences have two extremes, which meet. The first is the pure natural ignorance in which all men find themselves at birth. The other extreme is that reached by great intellects, who, having run through all that men can know find they know nothing and come back again to that same ignorance from which they set out; but this is a learned ignorance which is conscious of itself.” Pensees, 114-115.


   This level of understanding and wisdom only comes through a rigorous and disciplined investigation into the world beyond fingertips and into the world behind eyelids.  Without a true investigation, it is easy, and false, to assume one knows the world around him or the world within himself.  Only when one is challenged to dig deeper, ponder longer, reflect truer does he humbly encounter the true boundary of his knowledge.


   Mirus Academy aims to produce humble and wise students who are mature enough to know God's world is too full of wonder to leave room for arrogance and pride.

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