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Mirus Academy exists to mature students in their love of truth and their true love of others.



   Maturity is a difficult venture.  It requires having an accurate view of God, society, and self. Mirus Academy gives students opportunities to grow in maturity by pointing students towards the good, the true, and the beautiful, and turning their affections to them. 


    Mirus Academy aims to equip students to lead culture, not merely respond to it. Mirus Academy will offer the highest educational standards while simultaneously producing the greatest of humility in its students. This vision rests solely on the belief that the Christian metanarrative is comprehensive and cohesive enough to supply the necessary value, purpose, and challenge for the educational enterprise to transform students into mature men and women of high intellectual and spiritual virtues.  The students of Mirus Academy will own their own education, develop the abstract thought necessary for both a masterful use of creative expression and rational discourse, and pursue the questions at the end of answers.  The students will strive for intellectual honesty, graceful humility, and loving relationships. 

     The faculty of Mirus Academy will seek to educate through students to the world beyond. The faculty of Mirus Academy will be master teachers dedicated to students, their craft, and most of all,  the  centerpiece of  life - Jesus Christ.   The faculty will seek to contribute to their  respective  fields.  They will be  paid  competitive wages for their professional services.  They will breathe life into every teaching opportunity.  The faculty will seek to expose students to the infinite beauty, justice, truth and love of Jesus Christ via the curriculum and let the inherent value of these realities motivate the students to pursue true human flourishing.  The faculty will challenge students to pursue true understanding and wisdom, not allowing them to settle for mere mastery of systems and forms.  The faculty will be committed to the  classical model of education and the academic rigors that this model prescribes.  

      Mirus Academy will be missional in its mode of operation.  It will provide an environment where students of all beliefs and backgrounds are welcomed and loved.  It will serve the surrounding communities by investing in the present and future flourishing of those communities.  It will serve by believing that the youth of the present age are created to push back the boundaries of disarray and chaos in both thought and deed.  The Christian ethic of placing one’s self under others will be followed by the academy in its relationship to all others.  

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