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Classical Education Today



   G.K. Chesterton was a man of incredible genius.  Skilled in nearly every writing genre, Chesterton also had great thoughts on education as well.  Read his text online for free by clicking on the image below.


In the News



What is College for?

"Alia Wong pointed out that this trend continues the widening gap between high school graduation and college enrollment in this country: in 2013-14, 82 percent of high school seniors made it to graduation (an all time high), yet only 66 percent immediately enrolled in college (down from 69 percent in 2008). As social scientists and educators continue sifting the data for causes, it is worth asking some big questions.  What is education supposed to do?  Why go to college anyway?"





Will More Catholic Schools Pivot From Common Core to Classical Education?


 “Amid the debate over Common Core, the classical-education movement is gaining traction among Catholics."








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